Joey Barton: The Unlovable Rogue

Ah Joseph Anthony Barton, a man I’ve seen called ‘controversial and complicate’ too many times. “Footballer. Question Time Guest. Philosophy Student. Future Coach. Fluent French Speaker. What Has Become of Me?” as his website states (Seriously it does) and now, not for the first time, a very naughty boy. See Joey Barton is the sort of bloke that doesn’t seem to understand that just because you have a couple of millions twitter followers, they don’t all like you. He also is of the opinion because he’s read a couple of articles in the Guardian and a couple of philosophy/political books that he’s a credible philosopher and political commentator on the plight of the working class. As I said Joey Barton man of the people. What a world we live in where Joey Barton, a man convicted of assault, a man who also assaulted his own team-mate on the training ground, and now a man who to my mind could be found guilty of match-fixing (a criminal offence) could possibly represent the left as a man of the people on Question Time. Question Time!! Let that sink in Joey Barton has been on Question Time as a serious guest. Before I go any further I must say just for balance that he has been, at times a decent footballer. He has an England Cap and whilst in recent years those have less value than previously (see Jay Bothroyd & David Nugent) this is no mean feat. However, this was in the Steve McLaren era and the less said about that the better.

My main issue with Joey is that he portrays himself as some sort of victim, the heroic outcast footballer fighting for what is truly right in the world. The ‘I’m an intelligent footballer’ act belies his innate selfishness and pure malice. This is a man banned 3 times for violent conduct, one against his own team-mate during training! A man who’s been to prison a violent Assault against a member of the general public on a night out. But it’s all okay because he throws out some philosophical tweet every now again when he’s been an idiot and that, in his own mind, justifies his actions. Basically, young Joseph finds any sort of way to blame others for his own stupidity, malice and general lack of charm. Take his statement to his latest selfish act. “I think if the FA is truly serious about tackling the culture of gambling in football, it needs to look at its own dependence on the gambling companies, their role in football and in sports broadcasting, rather than just blaming the players who place a bet.” Let me get this straight football which is a business, one which you have profited greatly from, is the issue here. He also goes on to say the culture he grew up was always one of gambling, so it’s also now your family’s fault. Lovely bloke that Joey Barton, blames the family that raised him and supported him, then blames the game that has served him so well and allowed him more chances than any other sector would ever allow him. Only in sport can a convicted man earn £2m a year. Can you imagine the uproar if a senior banker had been found to be guilty of assault and breaking the FCA rules?!

Hopefully this is the last we see and hear of a deeply average footballer and a deeply average, narcissistic bloke who thinks he speaks for the people. Fortunately for the average man and woman he certainly does not.


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